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BYOD: Bring Your Own Device

With BYOD, work is no longer a destination . . . it's what you do - anywhere, anytime on any device!

The number of mobile networked devices is exploding! And your employees are becoming more productive (at least 30 minutes per day per worker) by bringing smartphones, tablets and notebooks to the office or connecting to your network remotely. However, our customers tell us that managing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is one of their biggest IT challenges!

BYOD strains the corporate wireless network, increases the number of support calls, and poses a significant security risk! Can you empower your employees with anywhere, anytime, any device access while maintaining security and compliance? Can you scale your network to support this influx of devices and the growing need for bandwidth?

Total Communications can help structure the optimal BYOD solution by asking the right questions to assess use and risk. Then, using Cisco’s strategic architectural approach, we can prepare your network for anywhere, anytime, any device connectivity with:

  • Secure Mobility Solution
  • Identity FIrewall Solution
  • Web Security Solution
  • Identity and Enforcement Solution via wired, wireless and VPN

The time to do this is now – by 2015 the number of mobile networked devices is expected to grow to 15 billion and 80% of corporate wireless networks will become obsolete because of poor infrastructure planning. Additionally, companies will have to deliver 300% more wireless access points in the future to provide Internet performance that is similar to the pre-BYOD era.

Whether you want to integrate a BYOD solution with your existing wired or wireless network, build a BYOD solution from the ground up, or upgrade your existing wireless network to 802.11n, we can create a cost-effective, easy-to-manage solution that protects your sensitive data while giving your employees the device freedom and flexibility they want! 

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