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Cloud Computing

Access to almost unlimited computing power on any device from anywhere! Cloud Computing can change the way you work . . . and save you money!

Your business demands instantaneous, anywhere, anytime access to data, communications and applications. With Cloud Computing, you’re plugging into the power of thousands of computers around the world that serve all this information
to you over the Internet. Think of it as having a massive supercomputer available on demand. It’s Information Technology delivered as a service over the network. Total Communications offers cost-effective, secure, flexible and scalable Cloud Computing solutions that include:

Interested in a Cloud Computing solution, but concerned about security? Not sure which applications and services are right for the cloud? Should you choose a public cloud, build a private cloud or a mix of both? Total Communications can help you transform your legacy IT operation to a service-centric cloud computing model – and show you how you can realize the benefits and cost savings.

“The significant benefits of agility and cost savings delivered by cloud computing are too compelling to ignore. Forward-thinking enterprises are answering the questions of cloud computing not with an “if" but a “when." The challenge is to understand, based on a risk/reward evaluation, what cloud services are appropriate for adoption, when they are appropriate, and the best practices, technologies, and vendors that should be employed." – Gartner, Inc., Cloud Computing, The Why, When and How of Adoption, November 2010


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