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Cloud Web Security

Protect Critical Networks with Intelligent Cybersecurity.

How do you protect your networks from today’s sophisticated and pervasive web attacks? Conventional security measures such as firewalls and security software from disparate vendors, are no longer effective to address these continually evolving threats. If you have a complex network, multiple branch offices, employees who often log in remotely, and need to control costs, you should consider the Cisco Cloud Web Security solution from Total Communications.

  • Cloud computing is growing (by '16 it will be the bulk of new IT projects)
  • Web is the number-2 attack vector for criminals
  • 93% of customer networks access websites that host malware
  • Without proper controls, employees can put their businesses at risk

  • Building bigger walls & adding more custom solutions is not sufficient

Cisco Cloud Web Security (CWS)

Cisco Cloud Web Security (CWS) is a comprehensive web security as a cloud service that is intelligent cybersecurity for the real world. CWS provides superb visibility, consistent control, and advanced threat protection before, during, and after an attack. As a cloud-delivered web security solution, Cisco CWS offers extensive security as a service (SaaS). Deployment is simple and fast. No maintenance or upgrades are required. And it’s supported by Total Communications, a Cisco Advanced Security Architecture Specialized Partner.

With Cisco CWS, administrators can set and enforce specific web use policies across the entire environment. Users can connect Cisco CWS to their existing infrastructure with flexible network integration options. Cisco CWS controls access to websites and specific content in Web pages and applications as well as SaaS applications. Cisco’s analysis engines deliver continual industry-leading antimalware and zero-day threat protection against web-based attacks. Our advanced global threat telemetry network continuously updates Cisco CWS against the latest threats.

Cisco CWS is backed by a worldwide network and 23 data centers with service-level agreements (SLAs) based on 99.999 percent uptime. You can tailor visibility into your web usage with more than 10,000 customizable reports, updated every 10 minutes, and the ability to categorize traffic by user and application traffic. Web usage data may also be accessed quickly and with a high degree of security by a variety of reporting and analysis tools such as security information and event management (SIEM).

You can also save time and money by redirecting traffic to Cisco CWS through existing Cisco products such as the Cisco Integrated Router G2 and ISR 4000, Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances (ASA and ASAv) next-generation firewalls, Cisco Web Security Appliances (WSA and WSAV), and the Cisco AnyConnect Web Security Module. You can also connect to Cisco CWS in a standalone deployment.

CWS Features  
    Cloud Web Security  
    Web Malware Scanning  
    Web Filtering  
    Cloud Access Security  
    Advanced Malware Protection  
    Threat Grid  
    Cognitive Threat Analytics  

Cisco CWS + Advanced Threat Protection

Advanced malware protection, cognitive threat analytics, cloud access security augment Cisco Cloud Web Security as part of a comprehensive web security solution:

  • Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) protects against advanced malware and tracks file disposition over time to see where malicious files travel.
  • Cognitive Threat Analytics (CTA) scans web traffic for symptoms of an infection and addresses threats that bypass perimeter defenses.
  • Cloud Access Security (CAS) provides protection for the growing risks created by SaaS Apps. And centralized management and reporting provide increased visibility into web usage and threat information.
  • Cisco AMP + Threat Grid protects your environment across the attack continuum: before, during, and after an attack. The file reputation feature allows Cisco to capture a fingerprint of each file as it traverses your network. These fingerprints are sent to AMP’s cloud-based intelligence network for a reputation verdict.

After an attack, using file retrospection, you can track a file’s disposition over time after it enters your environment. If it is found to be malware, you can discover where the file entered and where it is currently located to mitigate future intrusions.

Our cloud-based CTA feature helps reduce threat identification time to minutes with its continuous efforts. CTA actively identifies symptoms of a malware infection through behavioral analysis, anomaly detection, and machine learning. And with the Cisco Talos Security Intelligence Research Group, among the largest threat detection networks in the world, leading researchers and systems continuously deliver security intelligence to Cisco CWS based on threat tracking across networks, endpoints, mobile devices, virtual systems, the web, and email around the globe. CAS extends your control to cloud apps, allowing you to set policy that governs how users are permitted to share data with cloud apps. It detects anomalous traffic and allows you to identify root-causes of incidents.

Cloud Web Security from a qualified CT Company

Total Communications is a Cisco Advanced Security Specialized Partner and Cisco Silver Partner. Ask us how you can increase workplace collaboration with a convenient, and flexible and hosted soltuon!



To see all of the features available in our cloud web security portfolio, please click on the image below to download our Cloud Web Security brochure.

Benefits of CWS

  • Security as a Service
  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Protects Before and During Attack
  • Easy Integration
  • Centralized Mgmt & Reporting
  • Granular Web Use Policies
  • Comprehensive Defense

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