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Complement you Virtualized Data Center with Desktop Virtualization!

Extend the benefits of your virtualized data center with desktop virtualization. Empower your workers with seamless, consistent, secure access to corporate applications and data, whenever and wherever they want it! Desktop virtualization, also known as client virtualization or VDI, delivers:

  • Flexibility: anytime, anywhere, any device access
  • Productivity: access user’s applications and data on any corporate PC
  • Security: control user access and centralize data
  • Efficiency: Streamline management and accelerate new software deployment and new users
  • Business continuity: ensures uninterrupted access

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If you need to manage multiple machines for mobile workers, desktop virtualization can be an ideal solution. Also, desktop virtualization continues to evolve. Some companies, such as Mitel, are starting to integrate unified communications applications within a virtual desktop environment as a way of reducing costs and further supporting worker mobility.

Unlike server virtualization which offers clear-cut cost savings by reducing equipment, the benefits of desktop virtualization lie more in controlling, securing and deploying multiple remote PCs. Total Communications can help you evaluate if a desktop virtualization solution is right for your organization. Our evaluation includes planning for bandwidth and memory provisioning to ensure a positive end user experience.  Contact Total today to find out how desktop virtualization can benefit your organization!



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