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Modern manufacturing organizations are faced with increasingly difficult challenges. Connnecitivty is a must - from mobile computing solutions on the manufacturing floor, to RFID tracking and wireless networking, there is a lot to manage. The increase in information storage, along with realtime retrieval of work orders and quality data consumes significant amounts of bandwidth. Manufacturing organizations are challenged to meet these demands while dealing with strict standards. But how can you succeed in an era of:

  • shrinking staffs and reduced funding
  • the need to comply with international standards
  • just in time manufacturing and quality perfection
  • real time inventory and data analysis
  • survivability and redundancy of critical systems

We can help.

The wireless manufacturer.

You have devices - scanners, workstations, tablets, and cell phones on your floor all day and all night. From pickers and material handlers to quality inspectors and operators, you need a secure, and efficient wireless network that is accessible in every corner of your building. Cisco Meraki Wireless Networks will redefine the way you think of Wi-Fi. You'll have access to everything you need, at your fingertips, in one easy to use web based dashboard.

Reporting, Retrieval, and Recoverability.

Let's face it. If you are in manufacturing, you are following an ISO standard. Whether its ISO 9001 or AS9100 or anything inbetween, we're here to help. You do everything it takes to comply with reporting standards, and that includes a plethora of data collection from lots, heats, and batches. This data needs to be retrieved, whether its through a hardwired desktop connection or through a wireless network. To manage these systems you'll need a efficient and robust network backbone. Our Cisco Switching equipment will make sure you have exactly what you need.

But what happens if your CRM database or ERP fails? Is your data backed up, and are you able to quickly recover? Every minute of downtime can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Our Total360 Business Continuity solution offers what the others can't. You can have your servers up and running quickly - locally on the Total360 Device or virtually from the cloud. The beauty of this is simple - if a local server fails, you'll spool up a virtual one locally within minutes. If your building is destroyed by fire or natural disaster? You can set up a temporary office anywhere, and virtually run your entire network from the Cloud.

Communication in ANY environment

Succes in Manufacturing is dependent on effiective team communication. When you need to work interdepartmentally locally or with people at another site, challenges arise. Our Cisco and Mitel collaboration solutions can make life much easier. Videoconferencing can make face to face meetings happen at the click of a button. Phone systems with twinning and follow me functionality can ensure you can be contacted, wherever you are on the production floor. Collaboration software such as Cisco Jabber and Mitel MiCollab can ensure you have seamless instant messaging - vital in loud environments. Our unified Communications and Collaboration solutions can revolutionize the way you operate.

Our Solutions

Our extensive experience, togethered with this comprehensive line of products and services has given us a global understanding of how IT and Communications systems should work together. Whether you’re looking for an upgraded phone system, IT support for a server migration, or a dark fiber network, turn to Total Communications. As a qualified, local contractor who has worked with numerous manufacturers, healthcare providers, public school systems, and state agencies. We’re here to help!

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